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 Bail Bonds and Immigration Bonds in Virginia and Nationwide

Find professional and affordable bail and immigration bonds services in Virginia. Get Free Bail Bonds LLC is here for you when you require bail bonds assistance.

Bail Bonds Procedure
If a client or family member calls us regarding a bail bond, they will pay the 10% of the bond amount. After the paperwork is completed, we can have anyone out in about an hour. 

Our team works with all types of cases including traffic, criminal appeal, or drunk driving. The bond amount is usually set by the court or the magistrate and by law of Virginia the percentage is between 10 and 15. Additionally, we can meet you at the bond hearing, which makes a good impression on the judge.

Jail, Immigration Bonds in Culpeper, VA

The Bail Process

Regardless if you are arrested in Fairfax, Stafford, Fauquier, Henrico, or Charllotesville.  In all of Virginia the bail process is the same, below is a breif summary of how it works.

When someone is arrested on a criminal misdemeanor or felony charge the defendant is brought before a magistrate for the purpose of a bail hearing.  The magistrate will decide the terms and conditions of bail by examining facts about the accused and charges.  The magistrate will review the nature of the offense, evidence, character of defendant, employment, financial resources, length of residence and standing in the community, level of education, past record, and whether the accused is likely to appear for court case.

The magistrate may release the defendant on a written promise to appear in court with or without a secured monetary sum.  If the bail is unsecured the defendant can just sign themselves out of jail pending a court date.  If the bail is secured it will have a monetary sum attached to it.  The monetary sum of the bail bond can be forfeited if the accused fails to appear in court or violates any condition of bail.  The magistrate may also hold the accused with out bail.  If this happens the accused will go before a judge and may be granted bond at an arraignment hearing or bond motion hearing.  We can meet you or your loved one at the court hearing and be there to support you and start the bail process as soon as it is set by the judge.

If you have any questions during any part of the bail process call us for step by step help.  Speak directly to a professional bondsman 24 hour a day.

Immigration Bonds
People who are not here legally can get detained locally, but may not be released. You might have to stay in jail until the local case is finished then you can address the immigration issue. 

We can help you to post a local bond and this will take you straight to the immigration case. Once there, you have to set up a separate bond. Sometimes you can get an immigration bond, depending on your case, that will allow you to get you back to your family.

Immigration bonds are similar to state and federal bonds.  They are designed to guarantee the appearance of the individual to all court proceedings, but usually have specific conditions that must also be met.  Bonds posted on immigration cases are subject to immediate forfeiture should the defendant violate any conditions of bail or not apear in court.

If you have a loved one going through immigration preceding give us a call we can help.


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